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Pikzel receive a big update. Added a lot of new characters including latin characters.

I heard you need a font for your game. A pixel art based font? For a pixel art game? Or for another usage? Here come Pikzel! 

Pikzel is a pixel art based font. It is clean, flexible and crisp.

List of available character:

0123456789⁄.,:;…!¡?¿·•*#/\(){}[]-–—_‚„“”‘’«»‹›"' @&¶§©®™°|¦†‡¢¤$€£¥+−×÷=≠><≥≤±≈~¬^∅∞∫∏∑√∂%‰↑↗→↘↓↙←↖↔↕◊/

*You can also get the preview PDF file for free on the download section.

*conversation bubble and character portrait is not included.

Conversation bubble and character portrait by Bakudas, Generic RPG Pack.

Updated 29 days ago
Tags16-bit, 8-Bit, fonts, Pixel Art, pixel-art-fonts


Get this asset pack and 1 more for $3.99 USD
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51% Off
$4.99 $2.44 USD or more

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Pikzel Pixel Art Font - complete 163 kB

Download demo

Pikzel Font Preview.pdf 122 kB

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Did you draw the characters on these examples?

No, i'm not. It's drew by Bakudas,

Does it include Latin characters?

Hi! What do you mean by latin characters? Letters like this: á with aposthropes? If so, then I am sorry my font haven't implemented it yet. Maybe in the future I will update with it.


That's correct. Once it includes those id happily buy. Otherwise i wouldn't be able to do basic language translations.

The same here.

Got it! Will update it soon. Thanks for the input. :)

<3 YEIIIII!!!!!